Legacy Horses

Foundation Morgans have excelled through out history in every discipline, from reining to dressage, endurance to combined driving and everything in between.  No matter where you look there is a Morgan somewhere showing the rest of the pack how it is done.  Here are a few examples of outstanding Foundation Morgans who have excelled in their chosen discipline.


Triple S High Noon

Foaled 1982

Topside Eager Beaver x Triple S Soap suds

1994 USDF Horse of the Year and ranked 15th in the United States among horses competing at the third level dressage.

Archie O

foaled 1933

Archie Hudson x Byrrh


Archie O showed us just how trainable a Foundation Morgan horse can be. He was reported to know over 30 tricks and was able to execute 5 distinct gaits.  He toured the country performing. His line was almost lost but survives in a few individuals. 

Funquest Erick

foaled 1987

Funquest Monarch x Funquest Estrella

A premier American sport horse, Funquest Erick was the first Morgan horse tested and approved as an American Warmblood. Erick competed in eventing, jumping, endurance, driving and dressage,  He was ridden bridleless at Equitana and Equine Affair. He is listed in the Blue Preferred American Warmblood stud book which is the highest level attainable for Morgans. 

Kennebec Count

Kennebec Count excelled in many disciplines, but it was in combined driving that he left his mark. In 1985, Kennebec Count and his son, Kennebec Russel, were the first Morgans to win the U.S. National Pairs Championship. That same year, as members of the United States Equestrian Team, they represented their country at the World Combined Driving Competition in England, placing first in Dressage and eighth overall out of 45 pairs. Today, thanks in part to Kennebec Count, Morgans are a dominant breed in competitive driving.


Foaled 1948

Cornwallis x Mansphyllis

Parade and his son Broadwall Drum Major were invited to tour the United States and preform with the Spanish Riding School of Vienna Royal Lipizzaner stallions in 1964. Their classic Morgan type and Baroque style made them perfect mascots for the famous stallions. These performances paved the way for the introduction of the Morgan horse into Europe.

Silverton Morgan

foaled 1948

Morgan Gold x Iyoksica

Silverton Morgan was a true ranch horse. He could rope and work cattle and he did that every day for most of his life, throughout the West. He was foaled in Montana. He and his foals were known for an excellent work ethic.  All the ranchers in the area would talk about this "miracle stallion" as one of the best ranch horses they had ever seen.

Triple S Nugget

Foaled 1989

(Triple S Gold Eagle x Triple S Carmenita)

Triple S Nugget was as successful reining champion. He won National Reining Championship Nonpro Freestyle in 1998, 1999, 2001. He finished 3rd in World Cup in 2001. He was bred by Triple S Morgan Randch in Crawford Nebraska. He was known for his laid back personality, substance and beauty. 

The Yankee

foaled 1960

Whippoorwill Duke x Jenny Lake

A truly versatile horse, he was a champion many times over, in many disciplines including dressage, harness, western, english. He had a friendly, big hearted personality making him  a great family trail horse.