FMH owners, we celebrate YOU!

If you are one of the lucky owners of a Foundation Morgan you know what we are talking about here. You are members of a small and privileged group who share in the joy of owning one of the worlds most unique horse breeds.  Many of you are already promoting your horses either in competition or through social media.  As the numbers of FM dip dangerously low more drastic measures will be needed to preserve the numbers and genetic diversity.   We hope you will avail yourself of the resources we share here.   The fate of the FM depends of our tenacity and diligence. 

It is imperative that we replace  each breeding animal with at least one, if not two offspring.  Consider also preserving your horses DNA either through frozen semen or harvesting genetic material at the time of gelding or death. 

Owners of Foundation Morgans we call on you to join in the efforts to preserve these amazing horses. Here are some things you can do:

1,  Breed your Foundation mares only to Foundation Stallions.

2.  Breed your Foundation Stallions to as many Foundation and HPF, or for that matter any Morgans.  

3.  Keep your stud colts until they are old enough to collect and freeze, usually 4-5 years old before gelding.

4.  Plan your horses show career for some space for breeding.

5.  Promote your Foundation Morgans as Foundation Morgans or Traditional Morgans.  

6. Include a link on you website to this site, and the Livestock Conservancy site.

7.  Promote your horses in social media. Tell everyone about your accomplishments. Share your stories on Foundation Morgan Horse Facebook page.  

8.  Do not sell your horses short. When you do sell them, make sure you encourage the new owners to get educated about the uniqueness of their new horses.

9. Be proud of your efforts to create a future for the Foundation Morgan Horse.

Genetic Preservation

The critically low numbers of Foundation Morgans forces us as owners to consider preserving genetic material for at least the most important, if not all Foundation Morgans. The technology is available now for freezing and future embryo transfer or AI so as to preserve critical stallion or mare lines.  It is our hope that in the future there will funding available to assist in costs. The material presented here is courtesy of The Livestock Conservancy. . In order for successful acquisition of genetic material it is important that ovaries or testicles are collected and transported appropriately.  Included are details and directions for preserving genetic material. Get familiar with the instructions, and talk it over with your Veterinarian so you can be prepared. Diversity is key to the survival of the Foundation Morgan.  Each and every Foundation Morgan is needed.


Colorado State University and University of Texas A&M are two places that can preserve genetic material from horses that are deceased.  It is important that you familiarize yourself with the resources available.  Being prepared before your horse dies is critical to the success of preservation.  Have phone numbers handy. Collect the supplies you will need. You will want to know the facility closest to you and your options for shipping.  Included are links to an article shared by Dr Jennifer Hatzel DVM, MS. DACT of CSU.  As well as links to Colorado State University and Texas A& M Equine reproduction websites.