Foundation Morgan Stallions provide a link all the way back to Justin Morgan through the sire line.  Typically only the finest colts were kept as stallions and therefore the genetic influence of the sire line in maintaining breed type, confirmation and mind cannot be diminished. There are many outstanding Foundation stallions available to breed to. Here are a few of the finest.  If you are looking to increase  athleticism, versatility, substance, bone,  and disposition there is a Foundation stallion available.  Increasing  the percentage of the "old blood"  in your future offspring increases the vitality of the whole breed. Consider your next breeding to a Foundation Stallion. 




 Stallions are listed in alphabetical order.


Acrosstime Devan Guardian

Sleepy's Bandit X Comets Silver Lady

2005 Dk Chestnut/14.3h


"Guard" is a powerfully wise and y kind stallion.  He was in training with Suzy Stafford for Combined Driving and did very well. Currently in training with Henry Fleming for dressage/manege training and thriving.   Henry has given him the nick name of "Prince of the Forest" after Bambi's father in the Walt Disney Movie, because of how dignified Guard carries himself.   Whether with an expert trainer on his back or giving children bareback rides, he adjusts to any circumstance with grace and dignity.   He is 100% Foundation breeding and over 60% Devan breeding.

Available via:: Fresh cooled

 Guaridan Morgan Horse Farm

Contact person: Jeanne Cassells


Phone number: 330-441-2553


Rolling Acres Legend

Braveheart of Times Past x Times Past Pocahontas

2012 bay/15h



Legend was leased to Ensigns Grace in 2020, bringing the superb foundation blood of Susan Hanley’s Quietude breeding program. Legend is only one of 23 living decendents from Susans’ life work to preserve these Lambert bred horses. I met legend in 1997 when Gary Napier, his breeder agreed to train my beloved Ensigns Amazing Grace (Amy), my 16h palomino daughter of Statesmans Lady Grace. Upon meeting Legend, then a three year old stallion, I was struck by his kind, sweet nature – we trust him with our girls Hailey and Payton in photo below - and his ability to keep his mind on his work. The fact that he was also incredibly handsome, had lovely conformation and a pedigree that makes your jaw drop, completed my attraction to this amazing horse

Available via:: Fresh cooled

Farm name: Ensigns Grace Farm

Website: FB Ensigns Grace or Kate Farris

Contact person: Kate Farris or Gary Napier


Phone number: 814 494 4593



Brook Hill New Rendition


Ryegate Sebastian x Doublediamond Anniversary

Year of birth: 2014

Color/Height: Brown / 14.1


Full Lippitt / 100% Foundation.  Dreamer produces fabulous foals capable of outstanding performance in whatever discipline you choose. 5 crosses to Stillwater Indigo in his pedigree and it shows.


Available via:: Live cover, Fresh cooled

OakenHeart Lippitt Morgans

Contact person: Laura Ross


Phone number: 2709993416


Caduceus Pericles


Wyoming Flyhawk x Caduceaus Allegra

1995 black stallion/just shy of 15h


Baron comes from Judy Trudeau's wonderful breeding progam Oldtyme Morgans of Michigan.  Carrying the names of several well known stallions and mares, Baron is impeccably bred.  Baron was used for dressage riding when young, and this guy can move.  The "Flyhawk trot" is something he holds in spades as well as a lovely collected canter to boot. 


Available by frozen semen.




Arcane Manna Morgans/Mountain Home Morgans

Contact: Cassie Thomas or Natalie Tanaka


Do More Monty

Do More Traveler x Cotton GD

2017 Bay stallion standing 15.1



Monty is an athletic young horse with a mind to work. Has a very smooth trot and canter with a big ground covering walk.  He can get up under himself on roll-a-ways and is becoming light on the forehand. We have bred him both in-hand and pasture breeding.  His first foals are on the ground and we really like what we see.  Breeding him back to a new group of mares.  Monty is currently being trained and standing for stud at Franklin’s Morgan Horses in Dalton, GA.


Available live cover


Contact Don Bahr or Chris Franklin for details 706-263-2008.

Do More Traveler

Bucksnorts Domore Chester x Westrek Sierra Madre

2012 Bay. Approx. 15.1 hands        


Traveler is the last foal of foundation mare Westrek Sierra Madre and only breeding stallion of Bucksnorts Domore Chester. He is currently being trained to ride and drive. With style, balance, and endurance that are important in our breeding program. 


Available by live cover from Do More Morgans


Contact Don Bahr 608-732-6448

Do More Flash

Westrek Arnett x Do More Dancin Babe

2009 Chestnut Stallion 14.2 HH.                 




Last Westrek Arnett breeding stallion in United states. He has an extended trot while  showing balance and speed. Carriage horse to cow horse.  His foals shows quickness and athleticism and are very versatile showing in CDE and working ranch classes.



Available by live cover from Do More Morgans

Contact Don Bar 608-732-6448

Ensigns DbarJ Covenant

D bar J Orion x D bar J Tirzah

2012  Dark Bay/15.2h



It took us five years to find foundation Ulendon lines, but we did when we found Covenants mother in 2011 in Missouri at D bar J Ranch. We wanted these lines  to cross  back onto our Statesman mares. Ulysses, the sire of Ulendon was full brother to Mansfield, who is government lines behind Statesman. Thus, this plan reinstates the government program of these two full brothers, 100 years after their passing. And the crosses have been everything we had hoped...most are 15+hands, with upper level movement quality, with sweet, willing dispositions and great minds.

Available via:: Fresh cooled

Farm name: Ensigns Grace Farm

Website: FB Ensigns Grace or Kate Farris

Contact person: Kate Farris of Cathy Frederickson of Millwood Equestrian


Phone number: 814 494 4593


Ensigns Majestic Heir

 Statessmans Skyhawk x Kells Magic in the Heir

2013 Blood bay stallion standing 15h



Majestic has produced foals that have his upper level quality movement, sweet dispositions and are usually bigger than he is. He is the magic cross of Statesman (his sire is full brother to Statesmans Signature, who is hmiself a 4th level horse) and the Kells breeding program that go back to names like Kennebec Count,  Parade (yes, still on the papers!), Squire Burger (on the papers) and Congo.  Majestic typicaly out produces himself, the mark of a great sire.

Available via:: Fresh cooled

Farm name: Ensigns Grace Farm

Website: FB: Ensigns Grace or Kate Farris

Contact person: Kate Farris


Phone number: 814 494 4593


FSF Dandelion


Venturous Valor X FSF Night mare Imbrium

2016 liver chestnut stallion



Dandelion carries some of the best of our foundation bred horses bloodlines such as Venturous Valor, C-My Doc Holiday, Zingy's Lil Storm, and FSF Night Mare Imbrium. High percentage of Lippitt blood and he is 100% foundation. He carries one copy of the W20 Dominant White Gene from his sire.  


Available Live Cover

AnnMarie McLaughlin 719-541-5291



Gab Creek Golden Vaquero


PKR Primavera Brio x LBF Gay Enchantment

2003 Palomino Stallion         



This is the long-awaited linebred cross of Dick Nelsen's Primavera lines of Gay Vaquero and Valdez with Ab Cross' H-Ken. Vaquero is  steady, biddable, soft but an "energizer bunny" when it comes to endurance, bottom, heart and try.  He is cat quick which is no surprise given how coupled he is in structure. 

Available by fresh cooled from Gab Creek Farm.

KS Bluestem Jada Joe

(WAR Justin x Sweet's Jada Babe)

2001 brown stallion, 15.0                 







Available by fresh cooled from Westwind Morgans



OGO EastWest Coast

(OGO Tejon de Oro Hermoso x CFF Texas Tea)

2009 Smokey Cream                  Pedigree

 Gentle, kind, willing, honest, athletic and a lover of children, this stallion has it all beneath his shiny coat!  His foals share his docility, his grace, his baroque like build and his people loving personality and they generally mature larger than him.

Availble by Live cover, Fresh cooled from  Butte Morgans

 Jess Campmans


PKR Primavera Brio

Primavera Valdez x Rose Hill Papillion

1994 -2012                                 Pedigree

 Brio was a beautiful golden buckskin.  Athletic, conformationally correct, kind, honest, big strided, and a smooth mover.

Brio combines the best blood of U.S Government, J.C Brunk, Richard Sellman and A. Fullerton Phillips (VT) breeding. The breeder desiring a masterful blend of the oldest and purest Morgan blood without modern out-crosses and fully manifested in the disposition, performance ability, and correct conformation of the original Morgan horse need look no further.

Available by frozen semen from Gab Creek Farm


Sweets Baybarry

T-Bone Bimbo x Sweet's B Bomb

1994 Bay stallion 15.1 h                     




Direct Sire line to Archie O. Excellent Ranch horse bloodlines, with many foals on the ground on working ranches. 



Live cover from Westwind Morgans.

TC Maverick

Billy Dee Royal Hawk x Sleepys Captress

1996 Ee aa nd1/nd2, 14.0




TC Maverick is a jet black Morgan stallion with impeccable breeding including Lippitt, Flyhawk and Devan. True to his breeding Maverick is well built with the old style Morgan look and an intelligent calm demeanor. 


Available Live cover and fresh cooled from Blitzen Morgans

Triple S Silver Dollar

Triple S Chinook x Whippoorwill Victoria

2001 Palomino 15 H.                       




Silver imparts his foals with gracefully suspended movement, and classic Morgan beauty in addition to curious minds, kind disposition coupled with bravery and willingness.  Silver traces his sire line to Red Correll, who was known for both his disposition and ability.  His lineage is found in many high level dressage, CDE and ranching horses. Silver's foals are in your pocket friendly, easily trained and love to please.

Available Fresh cooled or Frozen from Ostara Morgans


Contact Noel Radcliffe 608-475-7070

Westwind Ethan

WAR Justin x Sweet's Dee Dee

2004 Black Stallion 14.3                   







Fresh cooled semen available from Westwind Morgans


Westwind Storm

(Sir Dane's Sire Storm x Westwind Black Betty)

2008 black stallion, 14.2                     




Sire line to Linsley.


available by fresh cooled from Westwind Morgans

Whippoorwill Aristocrat

Whippoorwill Skylark x Whippoorwill Corona

1998 Black stallion 15.2h 



Whippoorwill Aristocrat is  a classically bred 100% Foundation Morgan stallion with a history of athletically bred horses in every line of his pedigree. He has 5 crosses to Jubilee King including close up on the top line of his pedigree through the roping champion, Squire Burger. Additional working western lines on the bottom side create a pedigree that complements any breeding program looking to a sport or performance Morgan.

Whippoorwill Aristocrat was shown in USDF Dressage classes through second level by his Adult Amateur owner, earning her a bronze medal. His longtime trainer, Catherine Echternach, showed him at third level. Aristocrat is also a sure footed and brave trail horse alone or in mixed company.   Whippoorwill Aristocrat has consistently produced correct foals with excellent canters, trainability and work ethics.

Available by live cover or fresh shipped.

Standing at Mossrose Morgans for 2020-2021

John and Jane Pietenpol

River Falls, WI 


Whippoorwill Grandee

(Whippoorwill Aristocrat x Whippoorwill Calisto)

2002 Smokey black                             


Located in WA State. Black with one cream gene and also carries W20 dominant white, putting beautiful type movement and color on his foals! Grandee produces powerful sport horses and size.


Shannon Olson 360 624-4666.

Promise Farm Morgans on Facebook and

 Available via live cover from

We know there are many more fine Foundation Stallions available. Please consider listing yours here.