FMH Ambassadors-

Foundation Morgan Horse Ambassadors are those horses currently demonstrating outstanding accomplishments in their chosen fields. They are horses that use their exceptional skills, training and athleticism to promote the FMH at events around the world.  Please consider adding your horse and accomplishments to our Foundation Morgan Horse facebook page.

Do More Arrow


One of the many Do More Horses involved in teaching children to ride. Whether it is rides for the grand kids, 4-H activities or Cowboy Church camp you can count on the Do More horses to be there and present the kindness and calmness that is needed for inexperienced riders. Foundation Morgans are known for showing extra kindness to children. It is like a gift they have to recognize those that need their protection.

KS Bluestem Trooper Black 

Adiel's Stetson x KS Bluestem Tongas Legacy


Trooper is one of the many outstanding Foundation Morgans bred and trained by Kansas Bluestem Morgans. Trooper took first place at Kansas  Equifest  Driving Derby.  Owned by Suzanne Avery

Mtntop Goodness Gracious

Grace has been showing her skills in Western Dressage for the past 3 years. This year  Kristal Homoki and Grace won 2018 AMHA High Point Grand Champion for Western Dressage Level 1.  Grace is owned by Kristal Homoki of Mtntop Morgans. (Spring Lake Pallidin x Universal Selection) 2011

Westwind Eldorado

Romeo has been competing in endurance competitions across the country and in 2018 alone covered over 500 miles and fast closing in on 2k milestone.  Romeo was Reserve Champion for the Spook Run National Championship, a 3 day 100 mile race in New Jersey. He also completed a 5 day 130 mile race in Maine. He was first in the AMHA 50 mile Championship.   Romeo is owned by Mary Coleman. (WAR Justin x Sweets Dixie Daisy).  2004

Kennebec Rugby

Bugby competed in several shows this year and was awarded the bronze medal for AMHA Open Competition for Eventing in 2018.  Bugby is owned and ridden by Kathleen Baily. (Triple S Dark Eagle x Kennebec Angel) 2008

Whippoorwill King Jubilee

King has been competing in combined driving for years and just keeps getting better and better.  He is 2018 Bronze medal recipient for AMHA open competition for CDE, repeating his performance from 2017.  Henry and King are currentyl ranked 3rd in the ADS North American intermediate calculated championships.  King is owned and driven by Henry Tarryk. (Whipporrwill Talisman x Miss Terrific)

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