Breeders of Foundation Morgans

Breeders of Foundation Morgans take their responsibilities very seriously.  Hours of planning can go into a select breeding including pedigree research, reviewing photos of offspring and siblings, even cross country trips to view a proposed stallion or mare.  For most of us this is a labor of love.  When you are looking for that perfect horse, the FMH breeder can be a valuable resource.  Most breeders specialize in a family of Foundation Morgans.  All Foundation Morgans share the qualities of  Mind, Heart, Soundness and Versatility.  Some lines are better suited to ranch work while others driving or dressage. Some are bred to be all around family horses. What ever you are looking for is out there.  Enjoy the search. 


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Blitzen Morgans

Focusing on breeding foundation Morgan horses with a focus on dressage and sport horse lines.  Here at Blitzen Morgans we strive to produce quality horses that have the temperament, athleticism and intelligence to be the versatile horse that Morgan horses are meant to be. 



Caylyn Walker

Jasper, ON 

Blitzen Morgans





Butte Morgans

We breed the Old Style Traditional Foundation Morgan Horse ~ the same horses chosen for their willingness to do any task at any time for anyone.  It is our goal to bring these Morgans of the past into the future, for the next generation of riders, breeders and equine enthusiasts!  These bloodlines have stood the test of time....Conformation, Strength, Power, Stamina, and Work Ethic; coupled with a Huge Heart and Love of the human being.

Butte Morgans

Jess & Chris Campmans & Family

Picture Butte, Alberta Canada

ph. 403.382.8110

Can-Do Morgans

 Our focus in our breeding program it to produce Morgans that are of good size with sound mind and willing hearts.  Our bloodlines run heavy in Brunk, Old Goverment, and Midwest breeding.  We have many horses of 'color' and continue to expand our colorful program as we continue into our 3rd decade of breeding, raising, and training these amazing horses.  We are completely devoted to producing the absolute best horses that can be produced and look forward to meeting new friends through the horses we have available for sale.

Contact: Jennifer Murdock



Delagard Morgans


Breeding the past into the  future with the original old type Morgans of yesterday. Steadfast in their desire to please you and keep you in AWWW!!!! " Every Day"

Veronica Delagard

Delagard Morgans


Phone number: 5063399188

New Brunswick Canada

Do More Morgans


"I breed mainly Foundation bred Morgans.  I find that they have calm minds, are easy to train, and are extremely athletic. I strive to breed for balance in their conformation with strong bone, a noble head and a kind eye.  I look for deep heart girth, strong correct shoulders, a wide chest and powerful hips."  


Don Bahr

Plateville, Wisconsin

Do More Morgans


Ensigns Grace Farm

Continuing the legacy begun by Statesman Farm, we breed FEI-level dressage Morgans who prove themselves in open competitions. Since dressage is the correct foundation for any work, you will also find our horses in Combined Driving (pony pair division), and Eventing.

Our senior stallion, Statesmans Eclipse retired from FEI competition in 2012 after winning several USEF national level, year end awards. Our junior stallion, Ensigns Covenant is beginning his Eventing career with Millwood Equestrian in Millwood VA.  Our horses are conformationally correct, balanced and move back to front, with airy elegance.


Kate Farris

410 227 3290

facebook--Kate Farris        facebook--Ensigns Grace

Flower Valley Morgan Farm

We are the proud producers of "Kells" Morgans - 100%/High Percentage Foundation Morgans - and have been breeding for family pleasure for over 25 years. Our horses are also bred to excel in driving, "sport" disciplines, and western pleasure. You'll find our horses to be a pleasure to own, train and use. Disposition is of utmost importance, along with good Morgan type and correct conformation. 


Leon & Cindy Kells

27293 Lehrbach Road

Flower Valley Morgan Farm

Red Wing, MN 55066-6181

(H) (651) 388-1256

Gab Creek Farm

"It is his temperament that sets him apart! If I could only put you on him now to let you sense his superb nervous system, see his ability to instantaneously react, and feel his animation. Yet, he tempers this fire with grace, docility and amicability..."


John Hutcheson

Gab Creek Farm, LLC

539 Gab Creek Farm Road

Dahlonega, GA 30533

(706) 864-369

Gean Acres



I am breeding 100% Foundation Morgans with great minds and willing attitudes for people to make into their dream horses! 


Brandie or Dustin Gean

Gean Acres Foundation Morgans

11615 Flag Ave.

Colfax, Iowa 50054

Phone number: 515-664-1620

Indiana Ranch Morgans


We have over 40 years of breeding athletic, versatile Morgans competing in open competition.  Our horses have been nationally ranked in dressage and endurance, winners in trail trials, jumping and ride and tie.  Ribboned in 3 day NATRC and cavalry competition. Participants in the Rose Parade, film work and therapy programs and owned by NPS.

Indiana Red River at stud.  Weanlings to mature Morgans, gaited and non gaited for sale. 


Kansas Bluestem Morgans

"The bloodlines of our horses consists of old Midwestern Foundation lines, US Cavalry Remount lines and lines that run rich in the blood of Herod. We feel strong about using horses that carry lots of Herod blood. It is known that horses of Herod blood are horses of good temperaments, willing and honest. They are also bold horses that do not readily shy and horses that carry good bone and substance."


Jim & Suzanne Avery DVM

Rte 1, Box 73

Westmoreland, Kansas 66549


Little Brook Farm

The Morgans of Little Brook Farm in Vermont are a result of 35 years of breeding correct, versatile and good using horses with sound bodies and minds for use by the amateur owner. The emphasis has always been on breeding sport Morgan horses - breeding horses who are a pleasure to own for the 

“backyard” owner; as well as breeding many excellent horses for those owners who wish to 

compete at higher levels.


12 Richards Rd.

Litchfield, CT 06759

Little Brook Farm


H-Ken (Kenfield x Muchacha)
H-Ken (Kenfield x Muchacha)

Morgan Hill Farm

Breeding quality foundation-bred Morgans for more than 35+ yrs. Our Morgans come in all colors, sizes and have migrated throughout the USA, Canada and into Europe. We have a bank of frozen semen from our past Morgan stallions and have also retained some frozen embryos from our mares. We will continue to do this for the future of the Morgan breed.

Sherry Siebenaler




Mossrose Morgans

Mossrose Morgans strives to produce Morgan horses that can excel in pleasure or performance.  Our first priorities in a horse are a sound mind and excellent feet and legs.  Without these, you have nothing.  We are constantly working toward turning out solid, sturdy horses with willing dispositions, timeless Morgan beauty and athletic ability to take you to the top. ALL of our Morgans are 100% Foundation stock. 

Mossrose Morgans

John and Jane Pietenpol 

River Falls, WI  54022 


Mtntop Morgans

Our foundation lines are rich in old blood, with such respected Morgans as Squire Burger, Lippitt, Flyhawk, Ulendon, Blackwood Correll, Mentor, Californio, Winterset, Jubilee King and his full sister Sentola and of course Whippoorwill Duke. We are honored to have some of the closest living relatives to Figure in our herds as a few of these horses will trace to Figure in 11 generations as many as 12 times. 

Kristal Homoki

Mtntop Morgans

15126 US 12

Brooklyn, MI  49230


Ostara Morgans

 Our Morgans are bred for versatility, sound mind and strong bodies.  Our stallion is an amazing cross of Triple S and Whippoorwill lines with strong Red Correll lineage. Our mares bring Red Correll, Jubilee King and Archie O in up close. Our foals are handled from birth and are suitable for any discipline. They are curious, athletic, friendly, and fast learners. 


Noel Radcliffe

Ostara Morgans

Hillsboro WI, 54634


Prairie Hill Morgans

Since 1982 Prairie Hill has been dedicated to the preservation & perpetuation of some of the oldest/most widely respected Morgan genetics still carrying on today.  It is our goal to raise the best quality Morgans we possibly can, suitable for all disciplines including: pleasure/trail riding, ranch work, endurance, showing/competition, reining, hunter/jumper, carriage & sleighing, and become quality genetics to current future breeding programs.

Susan Motter

PO Box 51

Cooperstown, ND 58425

(701)797-3508 home (701)789-1048 cell


Primus Morgans

Primus Morgans is located on small farm in Manchester, Michigan.  Our farm focuses on producing old type Morgans who will succeed in a variety of disciplines under saddle and in harness.  Our breeding program strives to produce horses that work with you and not against you.Our herd is built around the stallion Springlake Pallidin.  Pal was an outstanding Morgan and the example of type we strive to produce.

Rory Mcgoff

(517) 962-8149 call or text

Promise Farm Morgans

Raising Old Style Morgans for Modern Sport - Raising Dreams! 

From specially researched bloodlines to a detailed imprinting and training process and a top nutrition program, we strive to do everything possible to create a loving, happy, healthy and sound dream horse for each and every buyer - a lifetime partner that will be able to perform and bring joy for decades.  Our foals have gone on to compete at National level.


Shannon Olson


or Promise Farm Morgans on Facebook

Richwood Morgans


Raising quality Foundation Morgans for sixty years. Marjorie Hazelwood & Richard Hazelwood began Richwood Morgans in 1961. When they went and saw Ramona Brave at the Eagle Ranch. They bought the old mare Daisy Sonfield who had been part of the Roland Hill herd from Eagle Ranch.

They also found Farceur Morgan at W.T. Carters and leased him, and later bought him from Mr. Carters estate along with leasing a band of mares from him. To start their venture into raising traditional family Morgans for years to come.

Mary Hazelwood



ShannonVale Morgans

Our mission is to introduce and promote this unique horse breed in our own country, starting to breed colorful Morgans in this part of Europe, to offer dependable partners for you in any discipline, thanks to their outstanding conformation and intelligence. We believe that due to the Morgan horse's versatility, their gentle disposition that makes them safe enough for a child to handle, yet spirited enough for any horseman,  they will capture your heart at first sight, and become life-long partners in any arena.  

Anna Velkey-Solvberg



Tel: +36 70 941 7113

Serene Tyme Morgans


Located in Hastings Michigan, Serene Tyme Morgans is proud to offer Lambert stock to your home.   We also have half Lambert crossed with 100% Foundation mares.  Our goal is to produce athletic Morgans for Eventing, Dressage, Ranch and Obstacle classes.  Our horses are known to be bold, loyal and kind. They are born broke.  The stallions mares and foals are all trained under Beth Meyer, a certified Lyons trainer. You will find Jubilee King, Flyhawk and Whippoorwil in our stock. 

Contact: Beth Meyer  269-270-4956




Silver Cross Morgans

We believe that the future of the breed lies in the hands of small determined breeders who can raise a few foals each to carry these magnificent bloodlines forward.

If you are looking to get started with Foundation Morgans or you would just like to bring some of these old bloodlines into your existing program, we would love to help you with the breed. 

Dan Bailey

Silver Cross Morgans


Trinity Oaks Farm


 Trinity Oaks Farm has a long history of breeding Foundation Morgans in a family oriented setting.  Each horse is hand raised with training starting from foals to performance.  






Chris Franklin

Trinity Oaks Farm

6472 Highway 2

Dalton, GA 30721

(706) 263-2008

Veranda Ranch


Veranda Ranch is located 20 miles north of Boise in Horseshoe Bend, ID.

Our family has been raising Morgan horses in Idaho since the early 70's. We are always striving for a kid friendly horse and to maintain the integrity of the Morgan horse.


Westwind Morgans

Located in Montana, breeds foundation ranching bloodline Morgan horses. The old ranchers bred horses with good bone, depth of body, and disposition. Westwind Morgan horses represent the best of the old ranching lines of the early West. Our foundation stock goes back to many of the historic Morgan stock horses from early ranches of Kansas, Texas, Oklahoma, and the Southwest.


Bryan Blatt, owner 

Westwind Morgans

Bozeman, MT 59752 



Some of us breed Foundation (100%) as well as HPF (high percent foundation) Morgans.   Please ask before you buy. We try to confirm that all horses we promote are 100% foundation but mistakes can be made. We make no guarantees. We do expect breeders listed here will provide correct pedigrees and know if a certain horse is 100 % foundation or HPF.  If you have any problems please contact us.