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The Unknown Mares Project
by Ina M. Ish

On the AMHA CD's on many pedigrees you will encounter "X Unknown Mare" or "X Unknown Sire"- this is especially true of Morgans descended from LU or Cross Ranch breeding. Well, those animals are NOT more

Foundation Morgan Horse

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The Foundation Morgan is the old type, classic style Morgan horse which was prized during the mid 1800's to early 1900's and still highly valued by dedicated breeders and admirers today.

Foundation Morgans exhibit strong characteristics distinguishable from most modern day Morgans by their compact, close ribbed bodies, substance of bone, deep well-rounded quarters, oblique shoulders, broad forehead with soft kind eye and short ears, medium length neck nicely crested...all described as baroque in type. These old bloodlines are those that make very versatile animals and their intelligence and sensible dispositions make for an all around excellent family horse as well as a serious contender in any discipline.

Beginning in the 1930's, crossing Morgans with Saddlebreds was quite fashionable due to the popularity of the Saddlebred and the prestige they brought in the show ring. This practice resulted in Morgans which were less and less of classic Morgan type. More than 80% of living Morgans today have modern Saddlebred crosses.

The "foundation" Morgan bloodlines have NO modern Saddlebred outcrosses after 1930 and their male tail sireline must trace directly to Justin Morgan. More information here.

Our mission is to preserve and promote the Foundation Morgan so that we may continue to enjoy the original traits and characteristics that made this breed so special and unique.

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"My Morgan Horse Articles -
A Compendium"

Ina M. Ish has graciously donated her wonderful book for you to download...
Part 1
Part 2

Thank you so much Ina!
How Many Foundation Morgans are Left? See the
eye-opening report.
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